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In the heart of the Aravis Mountain range in the Haute Savoie, perfectly located between Mont Blanc, Lake Annecy and Switzerland, Le Grand-Bornand offers the best of the Alps: the charm and soul of a traditional mountain village and the equipment of a foreground resort.
Not only is Le Grand-Bornand a tourist destination in the summer as well as winter, but it is also a truly charming village where Mother Nature has done her very best . The Aravis Mountains, with their summit at 2750m, form the main backdrop to the village. The range is capped by the distinctive Pointe Percée from where green, forested mountain slopes, open to all, curve down towards the village.


The resort is divided in to two parts: Le Grand-Bornand Village is, at 1000 metres, a typical Savoyard village with its church, square, shops and ?grenette?, a traditionally roofed  market  hall. The splendid Bouchet valley stretches away behind? a favourite cross country ski area.
Six kilometres further up, at 1300 metres and on the road to Col de la Colombiere, Le Grand-Bornand - Chinaillon is the other  part of the resort, where most of the ski runs begin. The old part of Chinaillon, very well preserved, dates back to 17 th century.

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An intensive agricultural life
As the leading agricultural commune in Haute-Savoie, with more than sixty working farms, Le Grand-Bornand is the birthplace of the Reblochon cheese, created several centuries ago and one of the highlights of Savoyard cookery.

Unparalleled chalets

Le Grand-Bornand without its chalets would not be! There are more than four hundred of them spread throughout the village, often up to three hundred years old. So, how do you recognise a Grand Bornand chalet? By its typical architectural details such as the ?pointe d?ane?- the master beam in the building; the ?solaret? - a light and airy loft; and the ?credence?- a kitchen cupboard built into the wall, or a small barn right next to the main house where the ?goodies? were kept. Faced in wood, with covered balconies and warm interiors, these chalets are considered to be the true jewels of the alpine heritage.

There is also the church with its splendid onion-shaped dome, and the tiny chapels spread all over the area, around which the many small hamlets were built.
The customs and traditions of yesteryear are also upheld largely thanks to the folklore group ?Lou Brafaudi? and to the area?s musical groups.
Finally, the traditional Reblochon market on Wednesday mornings, the fairs and old festivals are just as richly authentic.

Keep in mind too, as you travel round our area that ?The landscape is the most beautiful part of our legacy from the past.?

This first generation resort has stayed faithful to its traditions and the whole village has been able to maintain its own spirit, its Savoyard identity above all else, at the same time as developing modern facilities to a high standard.

At the bottom of the Aravis range, which spreads its summits up to the 2750m of the Pointe Percée, come to discover a skiing area, from 1000m to 2100m of altitude, astonishing of richness and diversity. 47 slopes, ideal for any types of levels (beginners to advanced) and 62 km of cross-country skiing tracks.

The excellent maintenance of the skiing area combined with a generous natural snow cover of quality (mainly northern / north-western facing) and an important artificial snow network allows you to enjoy pleasures of snow from the beginning of December till the end of April.

By foot or snowshoes, the numerous marked out paths allow you to discover the cultural and architectural richness of the resort.

Snow and authenticity, without forgetting the numerous activities (snowshoe paths, paragliding, ice-rink, hot-air ballooning, heritage...) and many different entertainments : all pleasures to enjoy your stay !

All the types of accommodation (hotels, guest houses, lodgings, camp-sites,...) and on-line booking of your apartment or chalet are at your disposal.

Le Grand-Bornand, a great geographical situation: at 20 km from A40, 32 km from Annecy (SNCF railway station, A41, airport of Meythet), at 50 km from the international airport of Geneva Cointrin (30 km of motorway), at 180 km from the airport Lyon St Exupéry (150 km of motorway), at 580 km from Paris (550 km of motorway). 

Source : Skifrance

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