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Our Le Grand Bornand Le Chinaillon Intersport shop offering:

We offer 5 rates from a low-cost ski rental (Leisure) rate to a top-class ski rental (Excellence) rate.

Which do you choose?


Excellence and Prestige skis are generally used by good skiers. The skis are more rigid, can handle high speeds and tough demands and undergo more specialized maintenance. We also offer a more intermediate so-called Performance range (red) which is suitable even for beginners or false beginners and makes for easier and more pleasurable skiing. Leisure (green) and Classic (blue) skis are older versions. Ski bases and edges are cared for equally on all types of ski. Prestige and Excellence skis have a structured base obtained using a stone grinder. Our shop prefers to repair and care for skis using traditional and hand-based methods.

Our boots are regularly renewed.


We work with all the well known brand names offering you more comfortable or more specialist boots. Boots are disinfected and dried after each rental. Out of season, the innerboots are removed, machine washed and dried. Boot shells are soaked and disinfected and then washed one by one.
We try to find the boot that best fits your foot and suggest that you come back and see us if there are any problems. This is why our Intersport shop is open NON-STOP from 7.30am to 7.30pm, offering you a better service.

Reserved skis and boots are prepared and labelled in advance. Intersport Le Chinaillon intersport_le_grand_bornand_interieur_avec_ski.jpgenables you to pick up your equipment the day before, from 11am onwards, in order to reduce your waiting time and avoid peak time queues between 4pm and 7.30pm. On top of the free seventh ski rental day offer, you can also get your equipment half a day earlier without paying extra. 

Pick up your equipment before checking in to your accommodation!

In order to adjust your boot and the stiffness of your bindings we need to know your height, shoe size, weight, age and skiing proficiency. Prepare this information before you arrive, especially for your children. We do all we can to reduce waiting times. You can help us.

Theft and breakage cover: intersport_le_grand_bornand_interieur.jpg

In addition to the Intersport ski rental general sales conditions, our shop offers a theft and breakage guarantee for your ski rental at 1€-1€50 per day and per equipment as described in the Intersport guarantees.

Any repairs needing to be made after inappropriate use of equipment (use of snow park ramps, going off piste with little snow cover or skiing on snow ploughed roads) will be charged at the going rates set by the shop. These repairs generally concern small gouges in the base or minor damage to edges. More serious damage to the base and edges or to the ski tip are often more difficult to mend and can put a pair of skis out of use for rental. In this case breakage conditions will be applied. Our technicians will analyse the damage done and you will be charged a supplement on top of your rental fees.

Try before you buy:

You can try boots and skis before deciding on a purchase. Our shop has the advantage of offering equipment for rental and for purchase.

Just ask if this option interests you. If you decide to buy new skis and/or boots after having rented (6 days max.) and tried the equivalent equipment, Intersport Le Chinaillon offers you the rental by deducting it from the retail price of the new equipment.

This offer cannot be combined with any other discounts, sales or offers.

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