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Guarantee Intersport ski rental for the Grand Bornand

Ski rental Intersport Chinaillon
Security Group Intersport

The 4 lengths ahead of specialist mountain

Qualité intersport Grand BornandIntersport agrees to rent equipment in perfect condition. Waxed and sharpened skis, shoes checked before each outing.

Sécurité intersport Grand Bornand Intersport is committed to resolving bindings your skis according to standard by a specially trained technician.

le confort Intersport Le Grand Bornand Le ChinaillonIntersport undertakes to dry your shoes so you can ski with maximum comfort.

la liberté Intersport Le Grand Bornand Le ChinaillonIntersport agrees to allow you to change slides at no additional cost if the category remains the same.

Garantie vol casse Groupe Intersport garantie_intersport_le_grand_bornand.jpg

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